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Because of this and the fact that he has earned many enemies over the years, his physical appearance embodies the word "average": he is of average height, average build, with brown hair and eyes.

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Jack's entire outward appearance is cultivated so that he does not draw attention to himself as he's often described as not being the least bit memorable or someone who would not be looked at twice, which is invaluable to him in most of his various fix-it jobs. He is physically fit but not obviously so as his exercise routine consists of a daily routine of rigorous calisthenics; a confident fighter and skilled with guns.

Jack is prone to fits of righteous anger in which he will dive into situations rashly, though luck, skill and creative improvisation usually serve him well. Though he generally keeps to himself, Jack is fiercely loyal to and protective of his loved ones. His need to protect his family is what drives much of his actions later in the series, along with an innate sense of righteousness. He enjoys playing mind games with con artists and criminals, and has a wry and sometimes dark sense of humor.

Jack can also be described as vengeful and cold-blooded under certain circumstances; he often is indifferent to killing those he deems deserving of death. Jack performed his first "fix-it" as a teenager.


A vandal continually destroyed his neighbor's lawn with his car, and he offered his services not only in repairing the damage, but ensuring that it would not recur. Upon agreeing payment, Jack hid a series of reinforced metal spikes in a hedge surrounding the yard, which destroyed the tires and engine of the vandal's car when he again attempted to destroy the lawn. This would describe most of Jack's "fix-its"—simple yet elegant plans that turned the destructive actions of others upon themselves.

When he was in college, Jack's mother was murdered in front of him and his father when a cinder block was thrown off of a bridge through the front window of their car. This compelled Jack to perform his first self-employed fix-it; investigating the murder after police dismissed the crime as unsolvable. Jack eventually found the culprit, a vandal who Jack not only witnesses preparing to throw another cinder block off the bridge, but boasts of having performed the act on the same day and in the same location as the murder. The culprit is thus identified to Jack's satisfaction, but Jack is left with a quandary; the crime remains unprosecutable due to lack of reproducible evidence, i.

Jack thus chooses to disable the vandal, reveal himself as the son of the woman he murdered with the cinder block, then suspend him from the underside of the bridge in a position where he will not be visible, at a height where his body will be repeatedly struck by passing semi trailers but not their cabs. The vandal's body is not found until smears of blood are found on the trailers far from the bridge and traced back to the bridge.

Though he never feels any guilt for his first act as a vigilante , he still felt transformed by it, to the point where he decided that he had no place in his old world. He dropped out and left "officialdom", entering his underground lifestyle in New York. Jack lives in what appears to be the normal modern city of New York ; he gets involved in many "mundane" fix-its where he deals with gangsters, criminals, cults, con artists and kidnappers, but he also runs into supernatural creatures and beings that are often tied to the illegal dealings.

Typically, Jack gets involved in multiple fix-its in each novel, usually one of those turning into a large issue that leads him to use his skills to battle supernatural forces. Jack also begins to find his loved ones threatened by these forces, and while he struggles to maintain some control over his life, he is also faced with internal challenges, such as facing the possibility of having to give up his entire adult lifestyle.

As the series progresses, the appearance of supernatural beings and situations lead Jack to become entangled in a larger, universal fight. While he protests his involvement, he is dragged deeper with each novel into growing unrest and chaos—the observable effects of a cosmic battle for all existence. The two major forces involved are called by their earthly agents the Ally and the Otherness. The Ally "collects" worlds as souvenirs , the Otherness "consumes" worlds as a predator.

The conflict is thus not so much a matter of " good and evil " as " indifferent and inimical ".

It is stressed repeatedly in the novels that though both forces require control over all of existence, the value of individual worlds is negligible—but it is also stated that Earth is of greater-than-average value as it is a world containing sentient life. Sentience is rare, making this world more attractive to the Ally—much like a stone with a distinct shape or pattern. The Otherness and its agents derive sustenance from destruction and thus finds sentient life useful as it can be guided to destroy its surroundings and itself—like self-slaughtering cattle. This is the reason the indifferent force has been dubbed the Ally—but this definition extends to humans only so long as they serve its ends.

The Otherness has a powerful champion dubbed the Adversary—an evil magician once known as Rasalom. Ages past, Rasalom made a deal with the Otherness; in exchange for power and eternal life , he would lead the Otherness's minions—malevolent supernatural entities—in its campaign against the Ally.

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Jack has met him several times, each time barely surviving the experience. The Ally once had a corresponding champion dubbed the Sentinel—a warrior known as Glaeken. Soon after Rasalom was empowered, Glaeken was given a magical sword that strengthened and healed him while weakening and harming agents of the Otherness. The battles between the Adversary and the Sentinel continued—to the point of Glaeken temporarily slaying Rasalom multiple times—finally, Glaeken succeeded in overpowering him approximately a thousand years ago. Smith UK. Friday, May 6, The F. Paul Wilson Interview Part One. Recently, I had the privilege of sitting down to breakfast with New York Times bestselling author and personal favorite , F.

Following a hit-and-run' accident that severely injures his father, a resident of Gateways, a senior community on the edge of the Everglades, Jack joins forces with his father's neighbor, Anya Mundy, to stop Semelee, a mysterious youn She's come to claim the body of her twin sister Kelly, and to find out how she died. No secret as to the cause of death—a nearly nude, twelve-story plunge from a room Infernal: a Repairman Jack novel Rep Reunited with his distant judge brother after a mutual tragedy, Repairman Jack reluctantly joins his sibling on a treasure hunt off the coast of Bermuda and discovers an ancient artifact with bizarre and dangerous powers.

By the autho A Necessary End. It spreads like a plague but it's not a disease.

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Medical science is helpless against the deadly autoimmune reaction caused by the bite of the swarming African flies. Billions ar Wheels Within Wheels.

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New edition: revised and with new introduction by the author! Winner of the inaugural Prometheus Award for Libertarian fiction in Canny old Pete Paxton thinks there's a monstrous conspiracy brewing that threatens the LaNague Aftershock and Others is the third collection of short fiction by New York Times bestselling author F. Paul Wilson, hailed by the Rocky Mountain News as "among the finest storytellers of our times.

Definitely Not Kansas Nocturnia Vo Definitely Not Kansas is the first volume of the Nocturnia Cycle, a series for both adults and young readers, middle grades and up. Two remarkable, adventuresome kids—Emma and Ryan—discover a parallel world that is the source o Rick's brother, Keith, a prominent zoologist a Sign In Help Gift Center.

Fatal Error Repairman Jack F. Paul Wilson "Repairman Jack is one of my favorite characters--I'm full of happy anticipation every time I hold a new RJ novel in my hands. Paperback Published: Nov Dark City Repairman Jack F.

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